At Home Learning 3/16/20 – 3/29/20

Students, during the extended break due to the coronavirus threat, please go ahead and get the Vocabulary done for the next unit that we will be testing over when we get back. The next unit is Chapters 18 and 21 which is over Absolutism and Enlightenment. Please write them in your notebook as you normally would and I will check them off when we get back. If possible, use the textbook definition using your online textbook. If you are unable to access the online version of the book, you may use any dictionary to define the terms. Here is the list of words:

Ch. 18/21 Vocabulary

  1. heretic
  2. armada
  3. inflation
  4. divine right of kings
  5. Puritans
  6. Cavaliers
  7. Roundheads
  8. natural rights
  9. absolutism
  10. absolute monarchy
  11. czar
  12. boyar
  13. Mannerism
  14. baroque
  15. geocentric
  16. heliocentric
  17. universal law of gravitation
  18. rationalism
  19. scientific method
  20. inductive reasoning
  21. philosophe
  22. separation of powers
  23. deism
  24. laissez-faire
  25. free enterprise system
  26. social contract
  27. salons
  28. rococo
  29. enlightened absolutism
  30. popular sovereignty
  31. federal system

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