Lesson Plans 4/8/19 – 4/12/19

MONDAY: QOTD, Finish Napoleon Video and Continue Notes

TUESDAY: (English 1 EOC) QOTD, Crash Course Video on Industrial Revolution, Continue Notes

WEDNESDAY: QOTD, Continue Notes on Ch. 22-25

THURSDAY: (English 2 EOC) QOTD, Industrial Revolution Video

FRIDAY: QOTD, Ch. 23 Lesson 1,2 Quiz

Lesson Plans 4/2/18 – 4/6/18

MONDAY: QOTD, Ch. 18 Lesson 1,2 Quiz

TUESDAY: QOTD, Begin Notes on Ch. 18/21 Absolutism and Enlightenment

WEDNESDAY: QOTD, Continue Ch. 18/21 Notes

THURSDAY: QOTD, Finish Notes, Review for Test

FRIDAY: QOTD, Ch. 18/21 Test Absolutism and Enlightenment