Lesson Plans 10/14/19 – 10/18/19

MONDAY: QOTD, Continue Rome: Building an Empire Video

TUESDAY: QOTD, Begin Ch. 7 Group Projects on Rome

WEDNESDAY: QOTD, Continue Working on Ch. 7 Projects, Turn in Notebooks for Notebook Check (Test Grade)

THURSDAY: QOTD, Group Presentations, Turn in any Missing Assignments

FRIDAY: QOTD, Finish Any Make-Up Work (Last Day of 1st 9 Weeks!)

Beat Mineola!

Lesson Plans 9/23/19 – 9/27/19

MONDAY: QOTD, Auditorium for Vaping Presentation

TUESDAY: QOTD, Finish Alexander the Great Video w/ Notes, Finish Ch. 3/4 Notes

WEDNESDAY (SHORT DAY): QOTD, Ch. 4 Lesson 4 and 5 Quiz

THURSDAY: QOTD, Finish Quiz, Review Game for Ch. 3/4 Test

FRIDAY: QOTD, Journal Entry #5, Ch. 3/4 TEST

Beat Tatum!